What the tooth implant is?



Modern dental implants based on the achievements of many scientists of different countries. Great honor in this sphere belongs to the scientist Branemark. His works of screw implants were great support for the future upgrades. Further development of the Implantology promises to bring a lot of useful discoveries, however, up to date dental implants correspond the functional and aesthetic requirements.

Let us consider in more detailed way the structure of the implant and stages of its implantation.

Dental implants are a structure that serves as support for the denture. This construction consists of an artificial titanium root (screw) and titanium abutment, combining the support and the coronal tooth parts. The root is screwed directly into the jawbone, and then with cement crown set on the implant.

At 1st implantation seems to be a pretty painful procedure. But at the present stage of development of this type of dental prosthetic patient costs significantly fewer trauma, because the operation itself is fairly fast and has not any particular discomfort. It takes to prepare for it much longer period of time.

At the first stage, the general condition of the patient is checked.

With the detection of such diseases as tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, implants are not put. After that the entire oral cavity is examined — ranging from the rehabilitation of bone tissue instead of a long-lost tooth.

Phase 2 includes the installation of the implant and the healing period, which often last for 4-6 months. At this time, patients use generally temporary dentures. After that the installation of the abutment is held, and on it – sets the crown. Now the teeth are «native» and their owner is happy with aesthetic and functional outcome.

Preeminent form of dental prosthesis is the absence of grinding healthy teeth, the ability to install implants in completely edentulous jaw and choice of removable or fixed prosthesis. Besides the engraftment of dental implants is high enough!