Tooth Restoration

Tooth Restoration


Tooth Restoration – is a set of acts to restore the broken, changed in color or shape tooth.

With the restoration of teeth — teeth can be restored even at the broken crown part (more than 50% of the area of the tooth), and at the complete destruction of the crown of the tooth or teeth injuries. Sometimes you can just carry out restoration of a tooth filling material, and occasionally need to have orthopedic intervention — manufacture of veneers or tabs.

The change of the tooth shape of the, the location of the tooth in the tooth row, at an inclination of teeth, when it turns around the vertical axis of the oral location of the teeth — all these anomalies are also allowed to be removed by dental restoration.

Tooth restoration is held in the presence of gaps between the teeth: diastemata and when the tooth changes it`s color.

At the clinics, dental restoration can be performed as in the therapeutic and orthopedic way as well.

For therapeutic methods restorations includes the correction with the usage of modern light-cured composite and compomer filling materials.

The aesthetic result of the therapeutic dental restoration is accurate color matching restorative material, such material is applied consistently thin layers polymerizes light diode (most current) of the lamp, and then ground and polished. The positive result of the restoration in this case is determined by the skill of the doctor and the quality of materials and equipment which are used.

For orthopedic restorations we can regard the production of veneers, half-crowns, recovery tabs and pin teeth. Prosthetic restoration, at a certain part of the process, is performed in the laboratory.

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