Teeth extraction

Teeth extraction


Teeth extraction with bone restorations is done using a Swiss technology, utilizing ossiform (osteotropic) agent, which is placed in extraction socket and looks like fused granules.

RootReplica® (ß-TCP — Polylactic acid) is an osteotropic (bone-seeking) agent, which restores extraction socket and is inserted directly after tooth extraction. Essentially, RootReplica granulate is fused to look like a tooth root and placed directly after tooth extraction.

This is a model of tooth root, which is fabricated from an osteotropic agent Root Replica – a new system for prevention of any complications related to teeth extraction.

The RootReplica Advantage:

  • Bleeding prevention.
  • Prevention of infections.
  • Bone preservation.
  • Bone regeneration.
  • Osteanabrosis prevention.

Fabrication of RootReplica:

  • A mould is fabricated from the extracted tooth root.
  • Subsequently, the mould is filled with the granular biomaterial.and glued in a special device.
  • The mould is removed, and the tooth model is placed in the socket of the extracted tooth.