Take-home and in-office teeth whitening using the innovative «Opalescence» technology

Teeth whitening

This method involves using light ray of a particular wave-length for heating and activating the chemical components of the whitening gel, which allows them to penetrate through tiniest enamel pores to reach the underlying dentin much easier. As a result, after a one-hour treatment, your teeth get lightened by 4 shades or more. It is difficult to anticipate any exact outcome in the beginning of the procedure; it depends solely on your individual characteristics. Teeth with a yellowish shade or dull-colour teeth can me lightened most easily, whereas grayish-shaded and translucent are lightened less easily.

The technique of photobleaching:

The treatment itself takes 60 minutes (three sessions each lasting 20 minutes), but you will have to stay in the chair with your mouth open for not less than 2 hours, as the procedure involves some preparations (thorough isolation of the oral cavity mucous membrane in order to prevent its burn); it will also take time to wait for the lamp to cool down and heat up again between the sessions. Before each session a new portion of gel is applied to teeth. At the end of the procedure a remineralization agent is applied to lower teeth sensitivity.

Take-home and in-office teeth whitening using the innovative «Opalescence» technology

We offer take-home low-concentration, professional, internal and combined whitening using the innovative ‘Opalescence’ technology. Teeth lightening by one-two shades can be achieved, if compared to the initial teeth shade. After whitening special varnish is applied. Then, all the restorations and fillings found on external teeth surfaces are changed according to the new teeth shade.

Teeth whitening is a procedure that helps to whiten or lighten teeth, remove stains and discolourations.

Teeth whitening methods:
Professional (in-office):
— external (vital teeth whitening)
— internal (pulpless teeth whitening)
Combined (mixed)
Stages of take-home whitening (Opalescence 10% Ultradent, USA).
First visit to the dentist
Professional teeth cleaning
Identifying patient’s teeth shade, taking photos
Making impressions
Trays fabrication
Second visit to the dentist
Tray try-in (full contact between the tray and dental necks must be observed)
Patient instructions (demonstrating how the technology and trays work, written instructions)

What the patient should do at home:

Clean the teeth
Put some gel into tray
The trays are placed in the mouth for 2 hours
The procedure is repeated every other day
After 4-5 trays applications, a check-up is scheduled

It is important:

— not to smoke
— not to consume colouring substances

A visit to the dentist for control of the teeth whitening process

The method of professional teeth whitening (Opalescence Xtrа Boost, Ultradent Products)

Removal of dental calculus.
Choosing of teeth shade, approved by the patient.
Making photos.
Isolation of gums and interdental spaces with dental dum.
Gel activation.
Application of the activated whitening gel to teeth.
Adding in more gel in 15 minutes (no more than three times).
Removal of gel and the protecting dum.
Identifying teeth shade after the procedure.
Taking photos.
Application of F agents.

The method of internal whitening (Opalescence Endo, Ultradent Products)
control of endodontic treatment;
Isolation of root canal apex
Application of whitening gel (1-2 days);
Temporary filling;
Result check
Placement of a glass-ionomer filling
Filling replacement with a composite one (after 7-14 days)

Counter-indications for teeth whitening:

  • patients who are allergic to the applied agents and materials
  • patients with severe systematic diseases
  • pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers
  • patients who are under age
  • patients with untreated tooth decay
  • patients with erosion, abnormal attrition of enamel, deep enamel cracks and leaky fillings.
  • patients with photopolymer bridges, crowns, restorations on front teeth surfaces
  • patients undergoing orthodontic treatment
  • patients with periodontal diseases, gingival recession
  • smoking patients

Teeth whitening – opt for uncompromising aesthetics.