Stump tab – is the last hope for tooth

Painfully simple event — is a broken tooth. Is traditionally happens in the appropriate time when no one is waiting. Annoying, unpleasant, but no one is insured from this.

Accidentally comes the question «what to do and where to go». I do not know why, but a lot of people, for any reason, go to dental surgeon and remove a tooth or what’s left of it (root). In this case, basically all are sure that they do right, that is exactly what had to be done in this situation. Maybe it is true, but why everybody, are clutching their heads when it comes to repair the lost tooth. And almost one and all exclaim — «Maybe something could be done with my tooth?».

Certainly it is possible. Even the broken-tooth can reincarnate and bring back to life. Nowadays, there are many different stift designs. About the most worthy in my point of view I want to tell. And its name is Stump tab.

Stump tab – is a micro prosthesis which is used in cases where a great part of the crown of the tooth is broken and is not suitable for holding the upcoming unnatural crown. It merged with ease and accuracy, strength and reliability, safety and durability.

All we need is the root of your tooth and all.

Construction excellence is undeniable:

  1. Because of application of stump tabs is become permissible to recover completely broken and seemingly hopeless teeth.
  2. The greatest strength. Well, in this case stump tab has no opponents of stift designs. It`s almost impossible to break or somehow damage its integrity.
  3. Stump tabs not only restore the lost tooth structure, they also strengthen and reinforce the root itself, making it more durable and reliable.
  4. The construction delightfully fixed at the root of the tooth. Many patients ask the question whether it would stay in tooth forever. It is trite possible, I will please you.
  5. While application Stump tabs there is no need to dissect the adjacent teeth and put crowns on them.
  6. Durability. Because of its accuracy of fit, this tab has a very durable term. Its working period may be 15-18 years. This is not a little, in seemingly hopeless situation with the tooth.
  7. The cost. Stump tab has a number of advantages, and despite the fact that often it is the last chance for the life of tooth, it is affordable to everyone.