Stages of teeth implantation

Stages of teeth implantation


The first phase – is planning of dental implantation. This step consists of examination of advanced patient’s health status and its correction. In this case it demands thorough examination of the oral cavity of the patient to find his anatomical features, and then radiographic examination is held. Much attention is paid to a health survey of other systems and organs. This is justified because the basis of implantation is the surgical stage of treatment. Diagnose the general condition of the body, blood tests, if necessary describes additional radiographic examination, early treatment. Treatment may affect not only the mouth, but the whole body. Only then classical planning stages of tooth implantation is performed.

The next step – is surgery. At this stage, the implementation of the support of the implant (artificial tooth root) in the jawbone is done. Implantation is traditionally held under a local anesthetic and consists in the implant into the jaw bone. Duration of the implant can vary considerably. In spite of this the average installation time is comparable with the time of most surgical operations — about 40 minutes. If the implants are put in place of the tooth, which had been lost many years ago, it is often necessary to carry out early surgical treatment — sinus lift, which will restore the size and bone structure. This in some case elongates the regeneration of teeth, in spite of this; the installation ensures longevity in the subsequent restoration. After surgical stage traditionally is required 3-5 months of expectation engraftment of the implants. In spite of this sometimes, for example, in the application of mini-implants, there is no need for waiting.

Installation abutment phase. This stage is also a classical implant surgery, but the scale of intervention and trauma is limited to a small area of the mucosa. Cut through the surface of the implanted mucosa exposed tooth root, the removal is carried out and screwing cap abutment (element, designed to connect the implanted prosthetic tooth root and crown of the tooth). Week after abutment screwing implantation stage can be completed.

Orthopedic stage. This is the final stage of a dental implantation. The essence of the procedure is very simple: The coronal part of the tooth is screwed on the abutment, or other structure, for example, an element of bridges or dentures.

All these steps have their technological features. If the first stage of implantation can be considered as unique, the latter has a significant difference with the same treatment without implantation.

The most important is the 1st stage of implantation — treatment planning and patient preparation for implantation. Especially responsible and difficult from a medical point of view, is the surgical stage, and service life of the implant depends on the patient’s compliance with medical advice at all stages of implantation.