Shapes of teeth implants

Shapes of teeth implants


Nowadays the form of dental implants which are used by modern dentists-orthopedics is selected according to the type of tooth being replaced with prosthesis. Major role is given to the length of the artificial roots that have to become as a natural bond with the jaw tissue of a patient, as it is often necessary to penetrate the deepest layers of the jawbone.

Classification of modern dental implants according to their shape.

Selecting the configuration of implants, dentists-orthopedists have to consider the design features of bone, so when replacing front teeth with implants are often used some form of artificial roots and filling in posterior teeth has carefully selected a different configuration of the implant:

Rhizoid form of dental implant is made in the shape of original stepped cylinder, covered by the thread. For its implantation in the jaw is required enough preserved jaw bone tissue.

Laminar form dental implants dentists-orthopedists can implement in the jawbone at a significant extent, due to the fact that such an artificial tooth root has a full stable. Unlike rhizoid implant laminar easily implemented even in the jaw bone of a very small width.

Combined shape of implants is rather complicated, because it combines parts of rhizoid and laminar implant and similar artificial root is implanted when a patient has a lot of defects of the dentition.