Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces


With the emergence of the latest treatment technique — Damon system, indications for treatment without teeth extractions have become much wider, and successful results can be achieved easier, faster, in a more comfortable way. Additionally, the Damon system also eliminates to need for auxiliary devices: face-bows, screws and lip bumpers.

Application of the Damon self-ligating braces system.

Braces of older models require utilization of ligatures for keeping archwires in the slot.

Elastics, similar to rubber cords, cause friction and pressure, make treatment long and uncomfortable.

The Damon braces system utilizes the sliding action, which allows for minimized friction.

When using the Damon System teeth are moved more freely and comfortably.

Damon System is a self-ligating braces system of passive type, the most innovative braces system in the world! Its benefits are:

  • considerably reduced number of cases when teeth extraction is necessary
  • periodontium tissues are not exposed to harmful effects
  • orthodontic treatment becomes more available to patients with periodontal diseases
  • time between orthodontic appliance adjustments is increased (not more often than every 2-3 months)
  • faster treatment times (the average treatment course is between 14 and 18 months long) and reduced number of visits to the doctor (on average 7-10 visits are required)
  • reduced time of dental procedures
  • improved oral hygiene, lower risk for tooth decay and irritation of the soft tissue and gums
  • increased comfort for patient, as a result of faster adaptation