Prosthetic rehabilitation in Sumy. Prosthodontist in Sumy.

Prosthetic rehabilitation in Sumy. Prosthodontist in Sumy.

In our dental clinic dentists make all the existing modifications of the prosthesis. If you are in a very difficult situation and have noticeable problems with teeth, there are no issues for concern. We will help you solve even the most difficult situations.

Those, wishing to insert the teeth, should consult via the online chart (pop-up dialog box on the website or call us at +3 8 066 196 87 93. Then book an appointment at the clinic in advance (initial oral examination is free). Having studied the suggestions and selected the optimal fixture, you may start with prosthetic rehabilitation.

Time of making a dental prosthesis at our dental clinic is the fastest in the region. From 3 to 7 days.

We send elite works of VIP class to the dental technical laboratories of Kiev, Europe (Germany, Switzerland), and respectively, due to the delivery the term of making a dental prosthesis will be longer, but the quality of work – the best.

  1. Veneers in Sumy.
  2. Porcelain fused metal crowns in Sumy
  3. Zirconium dioxide in Sumy.

Our clinic is engaged in making all types of dentures and crowns. Today, zirconium oxide crowns are considered to be the most accurate, aesthetic and durable. We are the first in Sumy to make prostheses on the basis of zirconium dioxide, and have a lot of experience in applying this technology. In our clinic the prices for zirconium crowns are the most reasonable in Sumy region, due to the fact that we are the only clinic with its own dental laboratory. Zirconium dioxide is a future technology, and porcelain fused metal crowns will relatively soon be substituted by milled zirconium oxide crowns, which become the leading technology of the 21st century.

  1. X-ray diagnostics. Digital Xray diagnostics in Sumy.

Our dental clinic cares about your health. In order to reduce radiation dose during dental x-ray diagnostics (10 — 15 times less than conventional x-ray image made on the film), we have acquired the American computer radiovisiographic system. This radiovisiograph is the last unparalleled development in Sumy region. We guarantee you the most harmless x-ray diagnostics in Sumy.

  1. Prevention. Preventive dentistry in Sumy.

We are professionals and focus on early diagnosis and prevention of stomatopathy. It is much easier to prevent a particular disease than to treat its complications. We are the only clinic in Sumy, engaged in preventive dentistry at the level of microinvasive and laser medicine. Dental fissure sealing is one of the most effective preventive measures. We do fissure sealing without using standard dental drill. In our dental clinic there is always a special offer — free consultation and preventive examination. We really try to do everything for your comfort and health.

  1. Teeth cleaning&polishing in Sumy. Removal of dental calculus in Sumy.

Ultrasonic teeth scaling is the most common type of teeth cleaning. In addition to ultrasonic teeth scaling, we use Air — flow cleaning system. This kind of hygiene removes dental plaque by a non-contact method using a small fraction of sodium bicarbonate released by air pressure. In special cases we use a dental laser along with scaling and Air — flow. To preserve your teeth, it is recommended to get professional teeth cleaning 1 — 2 times per year.

  1. Dental anaesthesia in Sumy.

We monitor the latest innovations in dentistry, and our clinic has acquired several innovative systems of dental anesthesia. Computer anesthesia is very rare in Sumy, and we have been using this type of anesthesia for a long time, and are very pleased with the results. We also use the needle-free injectors and application gels. In our clinic you will have the tooth anesthetized without injections and needles. We use only certified anesthetics manufactured in the USA, Germany, France, and guarantee you teeth anesthesia of the highest quality in Sumy.

We don’t make narcosis (anesthesia with complete loss of consciousness). Dentistry is not the kind of medicine where patients can risk their life and limb, and accordingly, it should be remembered that people do not always recover from anesthesia. This could be attributed to general diseases and many contributing factors.

  1. Dental treatment in Sumy.

If you are told that you need to have the tooth pulled out, please, be in no haste to do it, and visit our clinic! We often save teeth, which seems to be complicated and hopeless at first glance. We deal with all types of dental treatment and use only certified materials of the global manufacturers. We use glass ionomer and photopolymer materials, and it has been proved that these materials are of the highest quality, and harmless (they are practically nontoxic in contrast to chemical composite fillings).

  1. Dental restoration in Sumy.

In addition to the standard therapeutic methods of tooth restoration, we use prosthetic techniques (veneers, inlays, aesthetic PFM crowns and crowns from metal-free ceramics). Only in Sumy you can set Componeers (new Swiss teeth restoration technology). We also perform aesthetic artistic teeth restoration with the use of photopolymer materials.

  1. Root canal (endodontic) treatment in Sumy.

We mainly make root canal treatment, using a special German endomotor with isolation of the work field and filling the root canals with heatsoftened guttapercha.

  1. Periodontics in Sumy. Treatment of gum disease.

A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating conditions affecting the oral soft tissues and underlying jawbone which supports the teeth. Periodontist also treats conditions relating to recession of the gum line which exposes the root surface of the teeth, deficiencies in gum tissue, «gummy smiles», missing teeth, impacted teeth, bone loss, and auto-immune conditions affecting the oral cavity.

Application of diode laser in dentistry has allowed us to significantly improve the quality of periodontal disease (gum disease) treatment. During the 3-5–visit course of laser therapy, we will guarantee 100% treatment of gums bleeding and inflammation (parodontitis). Parodontosis is a more complex disease, but we will help you to cope even with this chronic disease.

  1. 13. Laser-assisted dentistry.

We use laser everywhere: in periodontics (gum treatment), treatment (for sterilization of root canals), teeth whitening, surgery (incisions, bloodless surgery, removal of tumors, removal of a frenulum, vestibuloplasty), orthopedics (crown lengthening), implantology (laser-assisted dental implantation) etc.

  1. Acute dental pain relief.

Inflammation of the neurovascular bundle of the tooth (pulpitis), and inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth (periodontitis) can cause toothache.

We know what it is like when you have a toothache, therefore, in our clinic patients with acute pain are serviced without an appointment.

  1. Dentistry for pregnant women

For pregnant women we use the most harmless drugs, methods of treatment and rehabilitation. You should know that during pregnancy it is not recommended to take an X-ray.

  1. Paediadontia in Sumy. Paedodontist.

Paedodontistis is primarily a shrewd judge of character who understands child’s fear. Our clinic has a wonderful children’s doctor, who can find an individual approach to each child. Pediatric dentistry is of particular responsibility, and uses special psychological approach.

  1. Teeth decoration with with skyces. Teeth encrustation.

Skyces are diamonds glued directly on the teeth. This tooth jewelry is made of precious, semi-precious and other stones. We can offer you several kinds, colors and shapes of the stones. But if you want more exclusive teeth encrustation, you can buy the suitable gemstones in the jewelry salon.

  1. 18. Teeth Whitening in Sumy. Teeth bleaching.

A professional whitening treatment is performed in our dental clinic. We can offer all kinds of teeth whitening:

— laser whitening

in-office whitening

— combined bleaching

over-the-counter (OTC) or home whitening system

— internal bleaching

  1. Micro dentistry. Work with dental magnifying equipment.

It is difficult to imagine high-quality and accurate work without using dental magnifying equipment. For several years we have been engaged in micro dentistry, and use magnifying equipment, microscopic binoculars on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Dental implantation in Sumy. What dental implants are there?

Implantation is a replacement of tooth defect (missing tooth) using artificial titanium root that is implanted in the jawbone. Implantation in Sumy is no longer a rarity, and many dental clinics provide this service. Doctors of dental clinic “BrilliantSmile” have been installing implants for many years, and have a lot of experience and regularly do the long-term monitoring of patients with implanted devices. We guarantee you only quality service at an affordable price. Hundreds of people have used the implantation service in our clinic, and we can confidently say that “implantation is a new quality of life”. A person, who has long used a removable prosthesis and received permanent crowns, will understand these words better than anyone else.

What dental implants are there? There are a great number of implants of different manufacturers on the current dental implant market. We use a large variety of implant systems, but prefer Israeli and German ones. It is the surgeon-implantologist, who chooses what kind of implant to install, taking into account personality traits and specific indications.

You should come for a consultation about dental implants with a panoramic x-ray, so we can more precisely and in more detail predict the possibility and the individual characteristics of the installation of dental implants.

  1. Laser-assisted dental implantation
  2. Dental surgery in Sumy
  3. Tooth pulling in Sumy.
  4. Occlusion correction. Orthodontist in Sumy.