Patients feelings during and after the teeth implantation

Patients feelings during and after the teeth implantation


During the implantation.

All doctors unanimously assert that the implantation of a tooth is more painless and less terrible than its removal. In this case, the usage of anesthesia is often practiced by: if you want to install 5-6 implants, doctors do recommend a local anesthetic; if more — it is appropriate to use general anesthesia. In general, each tooth will take about 20 minutes.

However, a growing number of doctors immediately offer general anesthesia as the most correct sedative to those who is very nervous and afraid of the operation. Patients, who received general anesthesia, will not interfere with the various doctors’ unnecessary movements and the operation under general anesthesia will be faster and less traumatic. Consequently, the process of regeneration will be faster.

After implantation.

What feelings does the patient experience as a result of implantation? Unfortunately, the pain has not been canceled. However, it is present and even after removal of the tooth, a cut finger or even injury. Analgesics can help to cope with the pain in the first days. However, the patients should not take drugs, and if the pain is bearable — it is appropriate to refrain from taking the next pill analgesic. Antibiotics are taken severely to doctor prescriptions.

Edema, which appeared in the first period after implantation, is removed by applying ice. However, it should be considered that it is not desirable to hold the ice for longer than 15 minutes. In the 1st day after surgery hot food and drinks and visiting sports and sauna are forbidden.

A waiting period of permanent prosthesis can last 2-4 months for the lower jaw and 4-6 months — for the top. At this period of time is allowed to use the temporary prosthesis, not to shock others…