Passive self-ligating braces

Passive self-ligating braces


Nowadays, braces of the new generation are available. Passive self-ligating braces (braces without ligatures) — Damon System Q (ORMCO) are 13% smaller than Damon System 3МХ and help not only reduce duration of orthodontic procedures and their frequency, but also the overall treatment time. Passive self-ligation is now recognized as the most promising vector of orthodontics development.

Numerous forecasts predict that in several years 80% of orthodontists around the globe will opt to use passive self-ligating braces. With Damon System low orthodontic forces are applied to teeth while treatment, theses forces are seen as biologically compatible and therefore they do not give a feeling of pain or influence microcirculation. Fast straightening by means of low forces is a new idea of the new millennium. These advantages cannot be achieved with conventional braces and self-ligating braces of the active category.

Damon System is not only advanced braces, but rather a comprehensive system consisting of braces, special archwires and tried-and-true treatment method. The system requires that the dentist has special knowledge and skills.

Nowadays, ORMCO is an established manufacturer of aesthetic passive self-ligating braces of the last generation — Damon System 3, Damon 3 MX and Damon Q. The Damon System 3 combines composite braces and metal caps. Damon System 3 braces have ultra-smooth contours and rounded edges as well as vertical slot with hooks for elastics. The open/close mechanism is simplified. To open, the slide-release button is pressed using the Damon 3 opening instrument with a tiny bit of pressure. To close, simple finger pressure is all it takes.

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