Orthodontic treatment. Medical advice

Orthodontic treatment


Our orthodontist will make you familiar with the available treatment and braces options. The doctor will also provide you with information on treatment duration, the scope of work, the approximate costs and the conditions that should be observed in order to achieve the desired results. Next, the orthodontist will develop a step-by-sep plan of the treatment process and its sequence. Very often comprehensive treatment involves not only orthodontic services but also other, preliminary procedures of preventive, prosthetic and operative dentistry.

Additionally, the doctor will demonstrate the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and X-rays of other patients as well play a video about orthodontic treatment. The patient will also be provided with information on what check-ups are necessary to make out an accurate diagnosis and formulate an individual treatment plan. Then, the doctor will provide a final decision in written form as well as some further advice.


  1. Interviewing of the patient;
  2. Panoramic X-ray;
  3. Teleroentgenogram — lateral-view head X-ray and its analysis;
  4. Periapical X-rays of particular teeth, done at our clinic;
  5. Taking photos of patient’s face (full, side view, smile);
  6. Taking intra-oral photos;
  7. Function tests, done to determine chewing, swallowing, breathing and speech functions.