Metal-ceramics. Briefly about the main facts

Metal-ceramics. Briefly about the main facts


Metal-ceramic crowns. What can we tell us about them? A lot of myths, fables, fantasies and prophecies were invented about metal-ceramic crowns. We will try to explain in a simple way, what are the metal-ceramic crowns. Somewhere rehabilitate them or vice versa.

Metal-ceramic crowns were invented many years ago. In general, the world was different. There were real parades and demonstrations, celebrations, as usual, with the necessary basins «Olivier». So at that time there was not metal crowns yet. There were only metal crowns of two types: steel and gold. When has it become aesthetics — that is to say with the color of the crowns of adjacent teeth? Such kind of crowns was. They were made of plastics.

Plastic crowns differed by foul-tempered and instability – there was a bit of options for colors, which allows you to choose the color only remotely similar to the natural ones. Plastic still managed to fade. And after 3-5 years it became gray. It leaks, tooth for a crown, consequently often flew plastic crowns and teeth under them often destroyed. That’s such a sad picture. Exclusively for people with missing front teeth – only worry.

And there appear the metal-ceramic crowns! Metal-ceramic crowns were different from plastic, as shuttle from the combine: beautiful, strong and durable. The color of the teeth is permitted to choose for each patient individually, which distinguishes cermets of plastic (Color Option in metal crowns is about fifteen, but there are additional colors and dyes). Consequently the color (at the good work with metal crowns) – is 100%.

Metal-ceramic crowns allow repeating not only the color of the adjacent teeth, and their transparency. Metal-ceramic crowns will never fade, their color will remain the same as when fixing and for a very long period of time, the plaque does not actually formed on them — due to the high smooth surface.

Metal-ceramic crowns are made of 2 materials — metal and ceramic. Metal provides strength and ceramic aesthetics. Till nowadays, the aesthetic properties of ceramics are better than all other materials which are suitable for reconstruction of teeth. Because of this reason that even the most recent developments are based on the ceramics (ceramic zircon, gold, metal-free, etc.).

The presence of metal in the metal-ceramic crown allows making crown fairly accurate and tight to the teeth (the metal is cast perfectly and correctly), the metal-ceramic crowns save teeth.

Metal-ceramic crowns due to the metal are still quite strong. Consequently they were used to correct considerable periods — when there is no more than one or even two teeth, and much more. And metal-ceramic crowns confidently cope with it.

But note all the positive moments of metal crowns are shown only at the correct operation of metal-ceramic crowns, choosing the right design and the correct preparation of the teeth. If any stage of working with metal-ceramic crowns is not done properly, the result can be not one that the patient had wished.