Manual for users of removable denture

Manual for users of removable denture

Getting used to the removable prosthesis is difficult, and lasts about a month.
Initially, dentures can cause nausea, excessive salivation, blurred speech, loss of taste; also you will have problems with the eating and chewing different food. After a person gets used to the prosthesis, all these problems disappear.

If you have dentures you should use it without removing it during a conversation or while eating. It is not advised to use the prosthesis feeling severe pain.

While adjusting to dentures are advised not to remove dentures during sleep, pre-cleaned them before going to bed.
Dentures should always be washed with cold water and soap and cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste at least 2 times a day with the turned to the oral cavity surface.

If you did not remove the prosthesis, it must be preserved in its pure form in this special box. Cleaning inside the prosthesis area should be held in the water with the usage of cleaning tablets that you can buy at pharmacies.

At first, the food should be soft, not sticky; you should eat slowly, on the side which is more comfortable. When you eat you need to pay attention to the fact that the slices have to be small.

While using the prosthesis the pain in the mucosa may occur. In these cases the prosthesis should be removed and allowed to see your dentist for a correction. Dentures for 2-3 hours before arrival of the doctor must be in the mouth, so that was a visible reason, causing pain.

In order to get used to the prosthesis better and to correct your diction you should read aloud.

All damage of the mucosa should be lubricated with ointment: calendula, sea buckthorn, Solkoseril Dental, Mundizolgel; rinse mouth with sage, chamomile, calendula and oak bark.