How to take care of the teeth implants?

How to take care of the teeth implants?


We must warn you that taking care of your teeth on implants is harder than caring for natural ones. If the owner of the new artificial teeth due to that he was not being able to keep his natural teeth, it is absolutely possible, that dentures may suffer the same fate. Therefore, you must not be lazy in the first days to care for new teeth.

First days:

In the early days you should take all the drugs prescribed to you. This is often antibiotics and painkillers.

It is not recommended immediately rush to chew steak or nuts. The first meal should be soft, containing a lot of calories and vitamins.

Use a mouthwash or gel dentifrice.

Later during the whole life.

Since you probably want to, that these teeth stay yours forever, you have to look after them carefully during the whole life. About the right care your dentist will consult you, as care is highly dependent on the type and shape of the implant. Now you’re not limited to the usage of only toothpaste and brushes. The kit for cleaning dentures will also include special dental floss, mouthwash, even a hook for knitting, which is quite comfortable for clinging floss. The prosthesis surface will demand greater attention and care, adjacent to the gum, and abutments are pins that secure the prosthesis. If you do not look after them carefully, it will lead to inflammation of the gums, and even the loss of bone around the implant. You will clean the prosthesis as your natural teeth.