Examination before the teeth implantation

Examination before the teeth implantation


High-quality dental implantation impossible without advanced diagnosis, because this type of prosthetics is fairly serious surgery. Before installing dental implants dentist is to assess bone health and quality through careful X-ray examination, and also the general condition of the oral cavity.

In general, before a dental implant a detailed X-ray is held, and then runs orthopantomogram. Diagnostics complete with accurate CT scan of the dentition. In this case, the detailed X-ray is an essential procedure before implantation, making it possible to obtain accurate images of the jaw:

This technique makes it possible to determine the density of the jaw tissue in a patient, which is based on determined the best way to implant teeth.

The level of defect is determined of the adjacent tissues around the teeth, which are located on either side of the before pulled out tooth. This diagnosis is extremely necessary in studies of the anterior jaw, as located in an area within the implant will be under strong loads.

Detailed X-ray of the teeth allows us to estimate the location of the crest on the jaw against the preserved dentition.

Performing orthopantomogram before implantation is important in order implantologist could get a good preview of the patient’s dentition at once on both jaws. This diagnostic method allows us to estimate the state of the anatomical structure of a tooth, canals mandibular and maxillary sinuses. On the basis of orthopantomogram doctor evaluates the required number of dental implants, as well as the length of each.

Preimplantation CT scan allows us to obtain accurate cross-sectional images of various structures of the jaw, dentition and implant. This methodology promotes the learning loop bone before choosing the optimal type of artificial root and its subsequent implantation directly into the jaw.