Dental braces

Dental braces


DAMON CLEAR Braces are new, completely translucent braces, designed to move teeth more effectively.

DAMON System


They are resistent to discolouring and stains.

Their contours are smooth and rounded for more comfortable treatment.


Braces used by our dentists are the latest developments by ORMCO Corporation (USA). We use only the world’s best and most innovative orthodontic equipment. This is another reason for us to take pride in our high-quality and efficient medical services.

The process of orthodontic treatment can be easily compared with a trip from point A to point B. One can overcome distances on a private jet — fast and in maximum comfort, or driving a clunker which needs a stop at each and every car service along the way. Dental braces by ORMCO are like a comfortable business jet, yet at very reasonable cost. ORMCO braces are synonymous to technological superiority.