Cost of orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment


The cost of orthodontic treatment is made up of the orthodontic appliance, continuous patient observation, appliance removal, removal of adhesive agent from teeth enamel. But the cost is also directly linked with the complexity of particular abnormality, its type, and braces alternative (metal, plastic, sapphire, titanium, gold-plated, self-ligating, lingual braces).

The treatment cost covers absolutely all expenses, even replacement of the appliance or some costly elements of the braces if such need arises in the course of treatment, even if it was not planned initially. The prices at ProfiDent are 3-4 times as low as in Western Europe and the USA, in spite of the fact that the services are every bit as good as abroad. The prices are even considerably lower (2-2.5 times) than in the CIS countries.

One can pay for orthodontics treatment using interest-free credit: the down payment of 40-50% of the total price (for orthodontic appliances and their fitting) and the rest of the price is paid by monthly instalments during 12 months or after each check-up.