Composite system CERAMAGE (Shofu)

Composite system CERAMAGE (Shofu)


CERAMAGE is a composite system for restorations in the front area, as well as in the area of the lateral teeth with micro ceramics filling.

Facing materials are light-curing dental microfilling restorative materials that are wonderfully showed the dentistry and have become the standard because of their good characteristics and ease of usage. SHOFU company as a manufacturer of systems of facing and filling composites for direct and indirect restorations set new limits for light-curing materials, from the fact that these materials satisfy entirely the clinical requirements of the doctors, dental technicians and patients from many points of view.
The knowledge and skill supported the development of the latest material, one that combines the superiority of ceramics and composites, CERAMAGE.

CERAMAGE can not be compared with conventional composite materials, from the fact that it comprises 73% of the ceramic microfiller (filler PFS / ProgressedFineStructuredFiller = is an ideal filler with a small construction).
This composite, which was complemented with the organic-polymer matrix enhances the design and gives a CERAMAGE properties, similar to ceramics, which are used for the restoration with a metal frame, and for all-ceramic restorations in the anterior and posterior teeth.

Additionally to the physical properties of CERAMAGE it has a light transmission which is very close to natural dentin and enamel. Konventionelles Komposit- is a simple composite.

For a simple composite is characteristically isheterogeneous location between glass filler and the matrix.


  • Homogeneous microstructure ensures good physical properties of CERAMAGE
  • The remarkable strength while bending and compression
  • Resistant to abrasion occlusal lining
  • Good aesthetics properties because of light transmission, which is the same as a natural tooth
  • Wide range of translucent modifiers
  • Brilliant color retention
  • Good-quality strength and modelling
  • Great-quality finishes
  • Excellent resistance to various scaling
  • Biocompatibility